Friday, September 11, 2009

things I'll miss about BG: a pictoral guide.

This is the last blog post I'll write from my HOME!!! How very sad. I couldn't leave good old BG without making a list of the top things I'll miss! Here you go, bloggy readers:

1. Nephews: My two greatest joys. My two favorite boys. Most adorable tots. I love them lots.


I'll go ahead and say that our goodbye to C&H was pretty much devastating. At first he didn't get that I was really leaving.. then he saw me cry. And then he started to cry. A lot. Hysterically crying. And he was having trouble breathing. My sister had to hold him and shush him to calm him down :[ It was awful. Of course, H doesn't get any of this (thank Heavens). But it couldn't have gone any worse than it did. Really.


2. Our church: Where I've gone for 21 years, the place Mark and I met & fell in love, where we were both baptized, and the church we love!

3. Friends and Family: Clearly, I can't list everyone's picture.

4. Puppy Playdates: Great socialization for our pups and for ourselves! While our dogs romp and play and bite, we get to chat and have fun! Piper will miss these most, I believe!

5. BG's Restaurants: There is literally a restaurant on every corner of our town. Oh, how I will miss El Mazatlan, Kyoto, Linzies, Samurai, Raffertys, and the countless other delectible places in our hometown!

(Oh - and my pick for tonight's restaurant was El Mazatlan! Not my very favorite ever, but definitely in the top 10!)

6. My hair dresser: What's it like to search for a hair dresser!? I have no idea. I just got my hair highlighted yesterday, and she does great with my hair!

7. My dentist: Again, I've never searched for a dentist. I recently had to change my dentist due to our new insurance, but I found one I LOVE. It was an entirely new experience. It was heavenly! Well, ok... I won't go that far. But it was defintely a good experience, and it sucks that I have to leave him!

8. The parks of BG: Face it, we have a ton of choices as to which parks we would like to visit! Parks with ducks, parks with walking trails, parks with room for your dog to run, parks for dogs only, parks with big jungle gyms, and even water parks! Something tells me that VA will have even more parks, but I will dearly miss knowing the parks by heart and which ones are my favorite! Piper will miss them too!

9. Wayfm: The best radio station ever, hands down! No one can beat Wally, and no one can beat Brant. They're pretty much the best djs ever. I loooove Christian music, and it's all that Mark and I listen to. Hopefully we can find a great station on the East coast. But nothing will replace Wayfm in our hearts! Nothing!!!!

10. WBKO & WNKY: Uh, they are majorly annoying. If truth be told, Radar gets on my nerves.. and I really think he is a depressed dog. But, that being said... I do watch Kristi Fox every single day during the 4-hour Today Show (my favorite!!!). Her weather interruptions every 5 minutes will slightly be missed. If I dig deep in my heart. Really hard.

I'll miss lots of other things too. Like waiting in traffic on Scottsville Road. Or the zillions of Corvettes that roam our city every few months. Or the hot air balloon race that occurs annually! Or the weird weather that hits South Central Kentucky - like major hail storms, followed by glorious sunshine and then a thunderstorm and then a tornado.. all within 30 minutes. Maybe the ice storms that knock out all power. Maybe the college kids that make traffic awful. And the lovely road construction that hits our streets monthly. You know, things like that.

But most of all, I will miss blogging from my home, in my hometown, in the city I love. Where my nephews are. Tomorrow I am missing a soccer game and C's first Junior Bible Quiz tournament. More info on that later.

We head out at 6am, and we're driving 700something miles to our new "home." We are giving Piper 1 1/2 cc's of Benadryl and are diligently hoping that she sleeps that majority of the way. We're staying at a hotel on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night. We are supposed to move in on Tuesday. Obviously, we won't have the internet in our home at first. I'm not sure how (or if) I'll blog during that time. But if you're on Facebook, I will be updating (with mobile picture uploads as well!).

The next time you read my words, I'll be a Virginian! (Ok - heck no - I'm a Kentuckian.. and we'll be singing My Old Kentucky Home all the way down the interstate. Well, maybe not, but it will be in our hearts. Promise.)

Love. Pray for us!


  1. I love you. Im praying for you guys.

  2. Praying for you both... I am excited for you guys, though... and a little excited to start hearing(reading) about Virginia :)

  3. Have a REALLY safe trip this weekend Shannie! Praying for you two!

  4. I am so incredibly sad that I missed last night. :[

    I'm praying that you two have a safe trip and I'll be getting on my mom's fb so I can see your updates!


  5. Love ya Shannon! I will miss you and will be praying for you and your hubby. :)