Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday! & a huuuge update!

Heck yes - it's Not Me Monday time, yall!! Today is special, as it's Moving Edition NMM! What a treat, I know! Head over to MckMama's blog to read her hilarious stories about what she has NOT been doing!

The day of our move, I was pretty sad. Looking pretty wasn't my top priority, if you catch my drift. But by 10am, it was not me who was still in Mark's Air Force shirt that was so big that it came down to my knees. I did not decide that it was perfectly fine attire for public and I did not take Piper out to pee in my front yard wearing only the shirt. While standing there, a grown man did not ride by on his bicycle and scream, "Put some clothes on!!!!!!" as he flew by. That would be really embarrassing. I definitely know that pants are required to go outside. Plus, I am, like, 21. I know these things. Sheesh. Thank God that never actually happened.

It seems like our trip was ruled by potty breaks. Although, honestly, she didn't go that much. But still, once we actually found a store out in the middle of nowhere (shocking!). While Mark was inside buying Yoohoo and Reeces, I was holding Piper on a leash. I did not reach back and feel that one of my butt cheeks was actually hanging out. For everyone to see. After the previous day's episode, I know to cover myself. And that would just never happen. Ever. And if it did, I wouldn't blog about it.

Last night, we got a craving to teach Piper some new tricks. It wasn't 9:30pm when we decided to start her new lesson on how to sit. We certainly did not give her about 10 treats while teaching her. It was already past her bedtime. And giving lots of treats right before bed is definitely bad news. We are excellent puppy parents.

... and our dog definitely did not poop out 4 turds on the hotel carpet this morning as a result of the overload on treats. Nope. Not our puppy!



This morning, Mark left at 6am (5 Central; Sheesh!!). Piper is slightly extremely attached to Mark. When he leaves, she lingers at the door, scratches, barks softly, and looks really sad. I am nearly always with her, so she doesn't experience just me leaving very often. Actually, she's never been left alone with Mark. Anyway.

I put her in bed with me to cuddle, and she hugged me. I know what you're thinking: "Dogs don't hug." But she did. She put one arm around my neck and put her head on the other side. And stayed there to hug me. It was very, very sweet. Afterward, we shared a pillow and she held my hand. She is such a cuddle ball. She is also very attached to me and likes to be very close to me.

I love our Piper. I don't know if she likes her new home yet, but she has been an excellent pal through this whole transition. Currently, she is laying squashed up next to the laptop as I blog, and she's sleeping soundly. I love our little squirt.

And, on that note, Mark will be gone all day today, which leaves me alone with Piper in our hotel with leftover Olive Garden pizza.

I think we found a vet for her that is literally .75 of a minute away from this hotel. It looks very respectable and has a great puppy daycare. Does anyone know how I would go about getting her puppy shot records? Our previous pet has a "Pet Portal" on their website where I can log in and view her pet records, but it isn't very specific. Do vets fax health information back and forth?

Hopefully Saturday will mark the day of our Ikea run! We have picked out many things we like, and I am sure to find loads more in person that I just have to have. Most of all, I am excited about our tv stand!

We still need to go washer&dryer-shopping, and we need to settle things with the movers. Hopefully we will definitely get the keys to our home tomorrow! Mark is going by the Housing Office today, so I will post an update later tonight.

Please hope and pray that nothing (or not much) of or belongings got broken/damaged in the move! Everything can be replaced, but that would be a major pain to file it in the system and everything. I am really, really excited!! I simply cannot wait to get into our home! No offense to the hotel, but I am kind of sick of it. Standing outside someone's door at 6:30am and screaming on the cell phone is not acceptable. Also, there isn't much grass, and I definitely saw a snake's skin on the ground today. I want outta here!


  1. you crack me up. I love you so. :) Also...I can't wait until you get all settled into your house. :)

  2. Promise me something: if Ikea *happens* to miraculously still have our polka dot rugs in store, buy yourself one and then buy me one and I'll send you a check ASAP! Ha!