Saturday, September 5, 2009

a little update, but mostly sadness.

One week to go. And then we're outta here.

No, it still doesn't seem that real. But suddenly, throughout the day, I'll realize that I only have 6 days left with my babies. And that, my bloggy readers, sucks.

I have been a bad blogger. Resorting to writing a quick poem rather than actually blogging anything with substance. So, what have we been doing? Well, Mark has been doing RAP duty - which is where he works with his recruiter. He usually leaves around 9:30 and returns around 4:30. So, Piper, Hudson, my mom, and I hang out together.

Then, when Mark comes home, it's party time. And we usually stay out until 9 pm (usually with Piper!).

But really, what else have we been doing?

Obsessing over decorating our home with a chic, fall theme. That's what!

Yankee Candle not only has delicious lip balm, but they also carry adorable fall candle holders. Once I find a spot for them in our new home, they will make an appearance on the blog.

We've also been searching high and low for a microwave and we cannot find one.

What the fudge?! You ask!? Seriously. There aren't any microwaves in this town. Target literally had *two* brands. That's IT. And it was a crappy, cheap brand and not nearly big enough for us. We ventured to Walmart today, and we hated their awful selection too. So we are still microwave-less. We are also front doormat-less, water hose-less, kitchen drainer-less, and the list goes on.

When we arrive in our home (TEN DAYS FROM NOW?!?!?!!), we will have to go buy a washer and dryer. Um, not fun. And that doesn't sound exciting at all. But, oh, I forgot to mention - we have nothing to wash/dry our clothes in, so it's a must!

But then (hopefully) we will venture to Ikea on Saturday - where we will get a bookcase, a tv stand, a polka dot rug (so I can be just like MckMama), and a sheep skin rug (so our baby will have a place to lay when I photograph him/her like it's my job).

And then we will go to the beach. Cuddle with our dog. Unpack. Go buy groceries. Lay around and look at each other until we get cable and internet. Love each other without ceasing. You know, just being us.

If you have made it this far, I congratulate you and now nominate you as a true bloggy reader of mine. I dearly love you and wish that you would comment so I know you exist. I am nearing 22,000 blog hits as I near my 22nd birthday (occurring in 13 days!). I would sure like to know who you are. Just leave a comment and tell me a little bit about yourself. As it is, only about 5 of you comment. I'm just saying. Not that I'm pushing you or making you... but.. COMMENT! That's an order! :]

Anyway, I am getting sadder as the day draws near. My nephew has no idea what a "week" means or what "moving" means or where "Virginia" is or where the "beach" is. But he does know that I am moving "soon," and it makes him very sad. Although he sometimes tells me that he is growing up and I need to start babying Hudson, he is still my first baby. He still loves to sit in my lap (when no one is looking) and sneak kisses from me when no one in public can see. He is my best friend, and he is what I will miss most about my hometown.

So bear with me as I write 6 more days worth of sad blog entries about leaving him. I would give anything to pack my Clayton in a suitcase and take him with me.



  1. One of your die-hard blog readers but never comment-ers is your cousin Erin. Just have to keep up with what's going on with you, ya know?

  2. Aww I'm sorry you are sad. *Endings are sad, beginnings are scary, it's the middle that counts.* :)

  3. Paigey is so insightful. :) I'm gonna miss you, but I can't wait to see your fun time new house.

  4. Geneva, Christine's mom says...I love IKEA! and...Sears has good Microwaves and maybe you could doa deal with buying all 3 of the appliances and even have them sent to the other city.

  5. Awww, it will definately be an adjustment to life without the boys on a daily basis, but I have a feeling that your sister would object to you packing Clayton in your suitcase- even though it's because you love him so much... ; ) BUT, I also know that you will probably send him lots of awesome "miss you and love you" care packages and visit often... You will still have that incredible bond- you just won't see him every day... BUT you will be seeing Mark every day; a bit off a trade off! And I agree with Christine's Mom... wait until you get there to get your microwave and stuff- TONS of awesome shopping and great deals on base- and you know they'll have a gazillion microwaves to choose from- then you don't have to drag it all with you too.... <3

  6. I know how it feels to leave you hometown Shannon but it will be okay you have Mark with you. I have been reading your blog for awhile now. Your life is more interesting then mine but you have made me want to try harder on blogging more. Rachel Speakman

  7. I found your blog from MckMama's I think...don't remember....Great stories...:) I'm a proud Auntie too! It's the best. Good luck and God Bless on your move. And thank your husband for serving our country!!!!!