Wednesday, September 23, 2009

die it.

It wasn't me who found the scale (that's been shoved in my car for two weeks), took off my cotton shorts (just in case they off-set my actual weight), and stepped on.

It wasn't me who saw my weight zoom up ten pounds since Mark came home from tech school.


It wasn't me who then vowed to go on a diet. To stop drinking cokes. To eat healthy.

It surely wasn't me who then grabbed a Coca Cola to go along with tonight's meal of cheesy baked chicken and green beans.


And then it definitely wasn't me who got the bright idea that Mark needed double fudge brownies.

That would be a terrible idea.

So it wasn't me who baked those brownies - and then did a survey on Facebook and forgot they were in the oven.. - and ran to the kitchen in a frenzy to find them perfectly gooey and yum in the oven.


Okay, well it positively absolutely wasn't me who went overboard and heated up the fudge sauce in boiling water and poured yummy hot fudge all over the chocolate brownies.

That would be absurd and really fattening.

So, nope.

It wasn't me who piled 4 huge brownies on a plate for hubby, along with a gigantic glass of milk, brought it to him like a good wifey, and then secretly snuck into the kitchen and ate brownies out of the pan with a spoon.

Just who do you think I am?!

But it was me who drank a little glass of organic fat-free milk along with the brownies I didn't eat.


Diet starts tomorrow. Gulp.

Just in case you were wondering, I did lose 35 pounds last year with my own little made-up diet. So I do have a history with successful weight loss. Here's how it goes:

Fruity Pebbles with organic fat-free milk for breakfast.
Some kind of healthy lunch - a frozen healthy dinner/ham sandwich with mustard
If I snack, it's fruit. Or something fat-free..
For supper - Subway. Clearly one cannot eat Subway for every meal, but I actually did. If Subway cannot be eaten for supper, a healthy grilled/baked chicken with veggies is fine.

And lots of water.

My goal is 125 (or 120 if I'm an eager beaver! My lowest ever was 122). I now weigh 133, sadly. I'll keep you posted. I know you're just dying to know how it goes!


  1. You're so cuuute!

    I know you can do it!

  2. lol, I looked Mark straight in the eye and said, "do NOT let me have a coke!! no matter WHAT!!!"

    then when I opened a coke can, he was like "heeyyyy.." and I said, "mmm, so good.." and chugged it down. LOL. no self-control!! but tomorrow I'm starting for REAL. haha.

  3. 133 or 120, I think you are gorgeous! But I definitely know you can lose it if you put your mind to it! :)

  4. I know whatcha mean...I have two weight...and it's killing me!

  5. i'm sorry. I would give ANYTHING to weigh 133. Seriously. Really.

    I think you're gorgeous the way you are. If you want to weigh 120, I'll support you!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!