Saturday, September 12, 2009

here's what's up.

Right now I am...

Sitting on our king-sized bed in our hotel allowing Piper to romp around the pillows on the side Mark will sleep on - even though I know she is dirty and that's pretty gross.

Regretting my food choices today: Hardees for breakfast, Subway for lunch (plus nibbling on Mark's Wendy's meal), and McDonald's for supper. Plus I ate a couple Recees peanut butter cups along the way, and I'm currently drinking my 5th Dr. Pepper. Oops.

Sporting such frizzy hair that I now have a full inch (or two) of frizz like a helmet on my head.

Also sporting a ghost-like face with no makeup on... except my Yankee Candle Cupcake lip balm. If that even counts. Which it doesn't.

Out of my comfort zone, as the girls staying near us were smoking weed! Or, at least Mark said they were.

Starting to feel homesick already.

Bummed that I missed Clayton's first Junior Bible Quiz meet of the year. And, if you're interested, he got one right & missed one. And, if you're even more curious, he correctly answered the name of Moses' sister (Miriam!).

Watching my husband watch the Disney Channel while Piper is half way in the hotel trash can.

Thinking that Virginia is weird, and it will never live up to Kentucky's standards.

Also thinking that I am not used to busy cities, and I probably never will be. Unless I live her for over a decade.

Sniffing our room - it smells like I've walked into a potpourri basket. Yuck.

Safe and sound in our new "home" .. but it will never be home. Ever. Something in me doesn't even like it yet. I'm biased. I know.


It only took us 14 hours to get here. Piper was such a little champ. She literally slept the WHOLE TIME. I am not even kidding. She would wake up once in a while and tell us she had to potty. Which, that was an adventure in itself. The word "civilization" does not exist in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. It was seriously creepy. There was no where to let her pee when we got off the exists. In fact, in some parts, Mark insisted to keep driving because he thought someone might "cook Piper" if we got out in certain parts. It was a little Texas-Chainsaw-Massacare-y, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, it was a long, LONG, REALLY LONG drive. If you plan on coming to visit us, good luck to you.

Tomorrow includes: touring our city. And stuff. I don't really know. But my body hurts from sitting in our Jeep for 14 hours. So, goodnight!


  1. I am so excited to hear about your adventures. :) I love that you got there safely, and that you, Mark, and Pi are ready for a new life. :) Miss you tons, but so so happy for you guys and your precious little family.

  2. Well WELCOME TO VIRGINIA! Come on Shannon give your new home a couple of days it might not be that bad and plus I got a hint there is a radio station that is on 90.5 or 89.9 it is totally CHRISTIAN MUSIC! I love this station! So good night and I will be praying for you my friend!

  3. Whoo! Glad you got there safely! And totally excited that Piper made such a great trip!

    It's sooo funny to me that you said you aren't used to busy cities, because BG was BUSY to me when I moved there. (I mean...not that it's even comparable to NYC or Seattle or anything, but still. :]) You're so cute!

    Also, WE plan on visiting good luck to us! :D