Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since I moved to VA, I've forgotten how to blog. You might have noticed a lack of material, a lack of funnyness, and a lack of blogging altogether. You weren't just imagining it. My zest for blogging really has diminished.

And I don't know why. Do you?

I'm wondering if I missed the prepatory class for becoming an Air Force Wife. Surely there is some kind of handbook or dvd on how to survive. Or maybe there is a camp to attend to prepare ones self for this journey. Surely they wouldn't just throw us out there and expect us to cope. Or would they?!

In all seriousness, no one is prepared to drive zillions of hours to a new city, state, or country. No one is prepared to say goodbye to their family and friends and move to a place where you know no one. No one is prepared to learn a new city overnight, figure out where the best shopping is, and where all the dog parks are.

(and why the fudge can we not find a good park!??! We've not found a SINGLE ONE. UGH.)

I can't remember where anything is. This place is HUGE compared to my hometown! Shoot, this place makes Scottsville Rd look like nothing! I kid you not, I am just not prepared to drive a 12-lane road. I'm just not used to it. Also, I turned into an ethnic minority the minute I moved here. Who woulda thunk it!?

And I don't like Virginia. Oops. Sorry. Yeah. Sorry to be honest here. But this is my blog and I'll be honest if I want to. I really wish we could be stationed in Kentucky! Our only real time to explore is on the weekends. And, well, those only come around once a week :) So, until then, our nightly television shows are our greatest joys in this weird, big, traffic-y town. What are we, like, 40?!

But in all seriousness, we love our tv shows. Don't get me wrong. Biggest Loser was fantastic last night. I'm open to discussing it. I'm also open to punching Tracy in the nose.

Okay, that is all. I'll keep you updated on our feelings about Virginia. So far we think of it as "good food & good shopping" but nowhere close to feeling like "home."

Although Piper is adjusting well. She loves the green beans that fall from our trees and has already made two enemies with the Pomeranians next door. Lovely.


  1. haha. I can just picture Piper jumping and barking at the neighbor pups. oh me. Also, I'm sorry that you miss BG. :(

  2. As time moves on you'll think more and more of where ever you are as "home." It gets easier. This I promise you. I've been reading your journey for a few weeks now and there have been times that I wanted to grab you by the shoulders and give you a good shake, then I reminisce about my own first move and how scary that was. I felt like I was living in a foreign country. Then, the unspeakable happened... 5 weeks after we got married, my husband left to kick off the war in Iraq. I had no friends, no family. That's when I grabbed my new pink combat boot straps and pulled myself up.

    The best piece of "Air Force Wife Boot Camp" advice I can give you... enjoy your weekends together. Enjoy every.single.second. Soon, depending on your hero's job, those weekends may be less and less.

    No matter what, you've got a new family now. The biggest brat of all: The Air Force. Welcome to the family. You're going to do just great!

    One more thing, if you need something, to yell, scream, ask advice, whatever... give me a shout.

  3. Hang in there- you'll get the hang of driving in all the traffic in no time, and you'll figure out where everything is and the best way to get there too!! = ) A really good park (or it was a few years ago!!) is across the bridge in Newport News- I think it was just called the Newport News Park... great walking trails through the woods!! And a fun christmas light display at Christmas time too! we used to LOVE to take our dog there, I bet Piper would love sniffing the all the woodsy smells... Although Bowling Green will always be the home that you're from, hopefully sometime soon you'll start to feel that your home is anywhere that you and Mark are together...the town won't matter, the climate won't matter (although it does help when it's someplace nice!) all that will matter is who's looking at you across the dinner table, and who's next to you in bed at night!

  4. Grr. I can't stand it when I forget things and it nags my brain. ONE MORE THING: When I first got married, someone gave me a copy of The Air Force Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide. It's good for basics, but a lot of decorum, you'll have to take a cue from your husband. If anything, it's a good start.

  5. I'm sorry VA hasn't been very appealing. :/ I guess it's sort of hard to move from everything you have ever known your entire life. Yeah. :/ I grew up in the military, so I never had to "get used" to moving, it's just the way life was. I'm sorry I don't have any good advice to give you. :[

    But WE LOVE YOU! :D