Thursday, September 17, 2009

um, another update. sorry.

I've been feeling sick lately. Not like Swine Flu sick, but I keep getting headaches. I think it might have something to due with the stress of moving. We are constaaaantly busy. Annoyingly busy. Really really busy.

Our television stand is being set up right now by Mark. There are billions of pieces, and it's taking forever. I'm glad he's a hands-on kind of man, because I would never be able to put this thing together.

Here it is. I'lll take a picture of our finished product with our brand new tv later on:

Anyhow, today was our first Ikea trip! We traveled two hours to Woodbridge, Virginia, and it was well worth the trip! In my little attempt to be just like MckMama (ahem), we just had to go. That place is HUGE! Really huge. We got a tv stand, book shelf, living room rug, sheep skin rug, and a tool set to put it all together with... since Mark's tool set won't be here until Monday (ugh), and the tool set was only $7 at Ikea! Bargain city.

Piper on our sheep skin rug.

I am a die-hard fan of Target. But, I must say that the quality and appearance of furniture at Ikea is top notch. And much cheaper. Our tv stand was only $80 - the same sort of thing at Target would be well over $200. And it's very thick and durable wood. I didn't know this before, but Ikea actually is made up of little pre-assembled rooms to show you how their merchandise coordinates together. Each piece of furniture and each accessory has a little tag with a number on it. You write down the numbers to the pieces you want - and, at the end of your trip, you take your paper down to the warehouse and find your furniture, load it in your cart, and do self-checkout. Simple as a pimple! Or.. something.

Tomorrow our washer and dryer arrive, and we'll start painting our room Posh Red.

I realize that my blog posts are now nothing but updates on our home. Sorry. That is all my life is right now.

Today was Piper's first day of daycare. Since she hasn't yet received her Lyme vaccinations, she had to be in a restricted environment. With cats. I'll tell you - Piper is insanely socialized. I don't know if there is another dog on this universe that has been exposed to everything she has in the 6 weeks we've had her. She is now to the point where nothing phases her. She has seen it all. She has met ALL types/sizes of dogs. She's been to gobs of different houses. She's adjusting very, very well. It turns out that our next door neighbor has a Westie as well! How about that.


Virginia is different than Kentucky. Duh. But really, it is.

The speed limit doesn't go above 65 on interstates. Very, very annoying. And they mean it too. There are multiple signs saying Speed Monitored by Aircraft. What the fudge? ... There are also MANY cameras at each stop light watching us as well. Not to mention the secret cops that are in maaannny types of cars. We dearly miss Kentucky's laws, Kentucky's police, and Kentucky's interstates. Virginia is really picky. We don't like it.

People in Virginia, as a whole, like to be smart alecs. And I am not even kidding. To us, we ask normal questions. But if they think our questions are dumb, well, they let you know it. Even Mark's face has turned red at the attitudes that people have given us. For instance: Today we were looking for a specific rug at Ikea. There were about 4 rugs on display, and many rugs rolled up in plastic beneath the table. We were having problems finding the rug in plastic that we wanted. We kindly asked the man if he could help us find the specific rug. Well, apparently we were idiots for not taking the rug on display because "that's what they're there for."

"What did you think the rugs on top were there for?"
"Um, we didn't know we could take that one."
"Well, yeaaah... the rugs underneath just have plastic on them."
*Gives us a dumb stare*

Um, thank you. Ok bye.

Ahem. I miss Kentucky. Although we really do get jipped on the shopping dealio. The shopping here is fantastic. It really puts Kentucky to shame. And there is an ocean here. But those are the only two perks about Virginia. The rest sucks.

No offense to Virginia or anything.

Anyway, we are VERY much looking forward to Monday. I am craving a couch SO bad, you don't even know! Sitting on hardwood all day long is tiresome.

Ps. Guess what? CLAYTON IS COMING TO VISIT ME IN TWO WEEKS! YES, I SAID IT! He's coming with my parents! Oh, how I can't wait to squash him, hug him, kiss him, and snuggle him SOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!! :]


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of all your newly painted rooms with all the pretty colors!

  2. Uhh, I *wish* that Kentucky was as "picky" about driving as Virgina seems to be. There were, like, 8 wrecks between Louisville metro and BG on 65 the first week and a half alone of me starting Western back. Not to mention the two other ones I've seen this week. Grr. People in KY do NOT know how to drive (or follow state LAWS) and it puts other people at danger. I haaaate it. (I *have* seen an increase in cops - and unmarked cops - on 65 since those wrecks, though, so that's a good thing.)

    Sorry about that rant. I just can't stand when people don't follow laws on the road and just get away with it.

    Anyhow, I can't wait to see your Ikea TV stand! It's sooo cute! I can't wait until we get to go on our trip together! :D

    Oh, and that's REALLY stinky about people being so mean. I'm such a baby I'd probably cry. Ha.

  3. Did you know that my uncle works at Ikea? That's the truth. I think I've told you that about 700 times. Sorry.


    Also, I should have warned you about the rude people. Every time I visit my grandparents, I get rudely reminded that they don't care if I'm confused about something. oops.


    That is what those road signs mean! We drove through Tennessee and Virginia on our way back to Maryland after my wedding and we got to see those signs. I laughed everytime, and they must have those signs every 10 miles!

    Another thing that sucks about Virginia driving is that Virigina (and D.C.) are the only places in the country where radar detectors are illegal.

    But I live up in Maryland now, its not quite as bad and Virginia :P