Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 things I love:

So today I would like to talk about one of my favorite book series. Ever. I love to read. Heck, I've spent the last 4 and a half years of my life working in libraries. Back in high school, I basically stuck to only one genre: Christian non-fiction. With the exception of Harry Potter and some Meg Cabot books. Since high school, I've really learned to love fiction books again.

Now, really... when I first heard of Twilight, I was like: ohhh my gosh. That sounds so stupid. Vampires? Really? thanks. Well, then the world was overtaken by Twilight-hype, so I just had to see what it was all about. So I bought Twilight in paper back & gave it a shot.

Holy smokes.

I was flabbergasted. I never use that word, but this series definitely calls for the use of it. I was floored, to say the least. So I ran out and bought searched high and low at EVERY SINGLE BOOKSTORE in my hometown for the next 3 books. I read them all in 2 weeks.

I'm pretty sure that all of you reading this blog have read the series. But, just in case you haven't, I'll give you my little synopsis: A pale girl moves up north to a rainy city. She meets this family, the Cullens, who are all adopted by a doctor in town. Then the pale girl meets Edward Cullen. He's kinda creepy. He freaks her out. He saves her life - multiple times. She figures out his little secret: he's a vampire. But.. he's a nice vampire, and he only sucks animal blood. They fall in love. Then a bunch of bad stuff happens, but I'm not going to give away the whole story.

Really, this series has EVERYTHING in it. Drama. Love. Suspense. Someone dies. It's totally romantic but completely amazing and you're on the edge of your seat the whole time.

If you like Harry Potter, you'll love the Twilight series.


Speaking of which, I am totally psyched about the upcoming movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince... it comes out in July! Last night, I decided to re-read the 6th book in preparation for the movie. Honestly, I forget what happens. I only remember who the half-blood prince really is. Ha. Harry potter IS the best book series EVER written. I can't wait to pass my books on to my children! JK Rowling really is one of the best literary geniuses of our time.


It's really amazing to me how people have the gift for creating stories like this. Brilliant stories. The fact that people can create music (personal favorite), stories, paintings, etc.... that's just awesome. I love it!!! Plus, I won't even mention how amazing the Harry Potter soundtrack is. Wow. Just wow. I loooooove the low brass in the newest movie!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Now, for the Twilight lovers out there - which book was your favorite?!

I didn't like book two. Talk about horrible! The lack of Edward was really too much for me. Ha. I really loved book 3. Book 4 was amazing too, but honestly... the ending of the series wasn't what I wanted. It was still great though!!

And for my HP lovers out there - which book was your favorite?! (sorry, Christine, you can't answer this one since you HAVEN'T FINISHED THE SERIES!!! (shocking)...

I LOOOOVED the 7th book!! Absolutely BRILLIANT. Really, the author is freaking amazing. She deserves those billions of dollars. That's a gift right there. Book 3 was definitely my least favorite. Wait. I think it was book 3... the one that took place mostly in a tree? Yeah. So far I'm only on chapter 2 of the half blood prince, so I'll let yall know what I think of it when I'm done!

How exciting. Twilight & Harry Potter. Ahhhhh. I love it.

PS. There's a new trailer for HP & the Half Blood Prince out!

Make sure you see 4A!! It's to DIE for. There isn't even a word for it. My eyes just bug out when I see the trailer. Ha. I cannot wait for July. And then November is New Moon in theaters!!!!! Can you handle it? I didn't think so.



    Ok, I think I have a special place in my heart for Twilight, because that's the book that got me hooked. Though I BAWLED LIKE A FREAKING BABY FOR 45 MINUTES when Edward left in New Moon. But I did like that it showed more of Jacob and Bella and the relationship that they had. Jacob was a good story filler when Edward wasn't there. In Eclipse, I did like the amount of action, and I like that stupid Victoria was FINALLY defeated. I did like that she finally picked Edward between the two. I like the amount of romance in the 3rd book too. In Breaking Dawn, I was happy AND upset with how it ended. I loved that they get to be together forever. I loved that Jacob ended up happy...even if it was kinda' weird. haha. But I mean, it makes sense, Reneseme is part it would make sense for Jacob to imprint on her. I mean really. I would love a 5th book. Like, when Bella tells Renee, and more about Jacob and Reneseme, and what happens with Charlie and Sue. I mean really. The series could have continued. I never dreamed that I would finish a series and then literally be BEGGING for more to the series. I was obsessed. Ok, I still am. I'll admit. Everything reminds me of Twilight. It's not as much now since I haven't read them for a while, but seriously. Everything would remind me of them. Oh, and on facebook, the bumper stickers and pieces of flair are amazing when it comes to the Twilight section of them. True story.

    Oh, and I don't remember why, but the 4th HP book was my fave. The Goblet of Fire, right? The green book? The one when that girl comes that is pretty? Hah. That's vague. But yes. If that's the one, then it's my favorite. Which is funny, because that's the last book of the series that I read. Wow. I'm rambling. Ok, bye.

  2. Yes. Trudging through book 2 was nearly miserable. I like Jacob, don't get me wrong. But... he's no Edward.

    it's ridiculous how much foreshadowing is embedded in the 1st book!! My favorite one being when they go to the prom and Edward leaves her for ONE second, and Jacob comes over to relay a message from his dad - and then Edward comes back and says, "Wow, I leave you for one minute and the wolves come out.." :O LOVE IT!!

    now, Christine, I want you to go by book 5 of Harry Potter. and then read it. then book 6 and 7. you will DIE!!

  3. haha. I love foreshadowing too. Great, now you got me even more obsessed than I was. I can talk about Twilight with anyone at anytime!

  4. I've never read Harry Potter. Or Twilight.

    So, unfortunately, I have zero input for this post.

    Except, the Harry Potter movies are pretty fun.:] But not the jelly beans. Ick.

  5. Oh Brittttneeeeey, you're missing out!!! The books are soooo much better than the movies. Also, Twilight has like NOTHING bad in it. Well, someone dies in the end, but you don't see anything. It's great. It's just total drama & love story. Sigh. Greatness.

  6. Ha. I don't doubt it.:] In my business writing class last semester, that's all anyone talked about.:] How fun!