Monday, April 13, 2009

toxic? let's hope not.

So remember those glow sticks from yesterday? The ones Christine & Paige bought us.

Well, C took a glow stick to bed. Apparently, he called for mommy to say that his glow stick wasn't glowing anymore.

And she says, "C, all the glow stuff is gone.."

He drank it. He DRANK the glow stick.

ever seen that episode of J&K+8 where Joel drinks a glow stick and his mouth was glowing? ha. his kid survived. I'm not too worried. Yet.


Christine & Paige also bought us Play Dough.

Today he stuck play dough in both ears.

"I can't heeeearrrr you!!!"

..we're going to have to watch that boy..


  1. oh great. we poisoned your nephew.

  2. :D he's still kickin! don't worry!

  3. Oh dear...I hope he doesn't try to eat the Play-Doh next!