Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my views on...

At this time, I would like to share some of my personal views on some unrelated topics. Enjoy. Or don't.

Twittering: Twittering has become a new phenomenon. People are obsessed with tweets and twats and twoots. Okay, maybe not. But really, I can't get into it. I don't see the purpose. I already have a Facebook Status. Isn't that all I need? Do you really need to know what I'm doing at all times? Okay. Don't answer that. I'm sure some of you animals would love to know my every move. But still. I keep trying to get back to Twittering, but I just can't. I don't like it. It's annoying. The only person I follow is MckMama. And that's because her life is like an adventure. Maybe once I have kids, I'll try this whole Twittering business again. Maybe. But don't hold me to it.

Hummus: MckMama is constantly talking about Hummus. In fact, I feel like the whole world is talking about hummus. Honestly, I feel like I'm really missing out. I've never had it. I've seen it at Kroger, and it looks grody. I don't think I could ever dip a veggie in hummus and eat it. It looks like a weird texture. And I'm weird with textures. (My teachers always tell us that each of us is just a LITTLE Autistic!). Have any of you eaten hummus? If so, please tell me your experiences.

Celebrity Gossip: I used to LOVE Pinkisthenewblog.com. It's absolutely hilarious. I checked it daily. Trent, the author, always had the latest scoop on practically everything. Something kinda snapped in me over the past few months. And, you know what? I don't care about celebrities anymore. Really, I think I've just been to busy to care about anyone but myself. Ha. How terrible is that? I have my own problems to deal with. And reading about people I don't even know.. ? That jumps to the bottom of my to-do list. Among snacking, napping, and watching tv, celebrity gossip ranks very last. Don't notify me unless Angelina Jolie is adopting another baby or she's pregnant again.

Spanking in School: I was a spanked child. OFTEN spanked, mind you. Go ahead. Spank all you want! [for the record, I prefer time out.. 9 times out of 10]. But I don't really agree with a child getting spanked by a teacher. Ever. It really bugs me. First of all, a parent and a teacher might have different expectations. Once you give a teacher the a-okay to spank, you're giving them total liberty. Something they might spank for might just earn your child a time out in YOUR home. Also, you don't really know how forceful an individual might be. Obviously, spanking is gone from public schools. But if you send your kid to a private Christian school, you have to sign a release form to allow your child to be spanked. Imo, if your child is that bad, just call the parent and have them come pick your child up. Really. If they're having a melt down, it's best to go home. Not get spanked.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: It really pains me to write this. I am an avid watcher, lover, and fan-extraordinare of this family. Okay. The correct tense should be "was." Seriously, this past season has just been really... sad. It's like one fight after another. It's also pretty boring watching a family get handouts and go on fancy trips. I'm not going to say it was more entertaining to watch them "suffer" like they were in the first season. But really. I just don't like the show anymore. Gasp. I'm kinda over it. I sorta-kinda like to watch Table For 12, especially since one of their children has CP (Cerebral Palsy). They show her accommodations and how they deal with CP as a family. Obviously, as a SPED major, this is pretty interesting for me...

I'll be continuing this post later. I really like to share my opinion on things.

Go ahead, share yours! Afterall, that's what a blog is for!

oh, and here's a picture of H:
he's almost in crawling position.
his perfect skin is so scrumptious, isn't it?


  1. Wow! This is really informative. I may think about doing this myself. But I don't know if I could think of fun topics like you did. I'll give my opinions on your topics, though!

    Twittering: Uh, I feel the exact same way. Except I don't have FB, I have never tried Twitter, and I only look at MckMama's updates on her blog when they're about Stellan. Oh, Chris found the word "twitter" in Isaiah in the NASB. We thought that was pretty funny!

    Hummus: You're not missing anything. Really. I've tried it before, and I think it is absolutely repulsive. And as you may or may not know, I have a serious issues with food texture as well. So, you may want to steer clear since we're pretty much exactly the same on this food thing.

    Celebrity Gossip: I've never even heard of Pinkisthenewblog.com, seriously! It sounds catchy, though. I haven't been into celebrities since I was in love with N*Sync. Ha! How pathetic! I've actually never really been a celebrity person. I couldn't pick Patrick Swayze out of a lineup if I was offered a million bucks. I don't even know who he is! Ha.

    Spanking in School: Uh, I didn't even know that was still around in private schools. Crazy! You pretty much covered my thoughts. Way to go!

    Jon and Kate Plus 8: I remember when we used to talk about this show! But I completely agree with everything you said. Except, I never really got to watch it much since I don't have cable and all that jazz. So, you know, I'm behind on everything that is going on in that household.

    Oh, and I think your nephew gets cuter with every picture!

  2. my nephew's school next year sent a form for my sister to sign to allow him to be spanked (if he needs it). she didn't sign it :] yay for her!

  3. and oh my gosh - you don't know who patrick swayze is? have you never seen dirty dancing?!? :O he has pancreatic cancer right now :[ very sad.

  4. Ok first of all-Patrick Swayze is THE man in Dirty Dancing!! And Ghost. I think those are his two most famous movies.

    Second-Shannon-it's crazy how much we agree on this stuff! I ONLY signed up for Twitter to check on baby Stellan and his health progress. I've never had hummus, but think it looks gross. With the spanking and being a psych major, I'm with you 100%. Psycho professors LOVE to really push time out-but sometimes I feel that it is necessary for a parent. I feel like it gets the child's attention and back on track until a more fitting punishment can be given.

    Jon and Kate Plus 8? LOVED them. I even have their first two seasons on DVD. But then I read her book. To read how she treated some of her volunteers, and was reluctant to give back to others when she got on her feet really bugged me. And then they bought this huge house. Granted, with that many kids, they need lots of room. But-where are their college funds??? She seems to be using her kids now for more fortune and I can't help but notice all of her dear friends that would help have all disappeared from the show.

    Baby H is PRECIOUS!!!!

  5. I love you. I love your views. Keep them coming, dear friend. Oh, along with those pictures of precious baby Hudson. I'll admit, I do use twitter. But that's only because I do updates there that I don't want all 1,200 of my facebook friends to see.

  6. Okay, I have had hummus and suprised myself by liking it! Especially with toasted pita pocket wedges... yummy!!

    totally agree on the John and Kate plus 8 deal- Even Emily who read the book and watched faithfully for years is kinda over it... AND her friend Kirby went to Nashville to meet Kate, waited in line forever to meet her and got up to the front of the line and wanted Kate to sign her autograph book and take a picture and ... are you sitting down??? Kate said that she had to buy her book for her to sign it!!!!!!! She wouldn't even sign a stinkin' piece of paper for a 10 yr old kid!!!! Can you believe that?? Especially as a mother, how would she feel if someone did that to her kids??? UNBELIEVABLE. I'm over them and they're arguing and they let the kids get away with horrible attitudes. yuck.