Monday, April 20, 2009

morose movie monday continues...

okay yall - I promise this is the last one.

I'm getting all of these from - it redirects to, so it must've been bought out or something. Regardless, it's an amazing site with amazing videos!!

So this movie had me crying in 15 seconds. It might just be because I'm an Air Force wife. But.. reviewing the comments from other people, I can safely say that I am NOT the only one who finds this beautiful and sad!!

You need to watch this. It's a dad who just came back from Iraq and surprised his son at school. Watch it til the end - they play it in slow motion and you can see his little face light up and then he starts crying immediately. It literally breaks my heart.

I don't even know these people! When I see our kids run into my husband's arms after he comes back from deployment, I don't know what I am going to do.

Well, except sit and cry like a baby :]

...okay... no more sad videos. that was 3 in a row! I'm done!!

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  1. okay... I've seen it before and I still bawl like a baby! It just gets me everytime!! I guess it hits close to home... so sweet... thanks for posting it, I'm now going to go kiss my sleeping kids and husband and thank God that they are all under one roof :) Love ya Shannie!!