Monday, April 27, 2009

Kung to fu

my new favorite meal is Healthy Choice's Sweet Asian Potstickers.

i know i've told some of you about these delicious little trios. if you like asian food, you'll love these. and they're only 7pts on weight watchers. bring em on, baby!

i've eaten about 20 of these now. until the other day at work when i decided to read the ingredient list. i scrolled over the list... rice, soy, carrots... then i stopped dead in my tracks when i saw it:


wha wha whaaaat? i was sure that was pork in those little suckers. apparently not.

i don't want to eat tofu. it's like jiggly white stuff. it disgusts me. i ate the potstickers for lunch again today. now when i cut them in two, i see the "meat" come out. but now i know it's not really meat at all. it's pork-flavored tofu. excuse me while i barf.

it is a mystery to me how vegetarians do it. regular soy products are a stretch to me.

am i the only one who gets grossed out by tofu? really. i know it's healthy for me, but i want real meat. please.


  1. You'd be surprised by how much 'meat' in food is actually tofu.
    And to scare you even worse, tofu doesn't always have to be jiggly and white. It can pretty much take whatever form and flavor you want it to. You eat it a lot in Japanese food and prepackaged meals.
    Never look at the ingredients, that's my motto. You might find something in there you really hate and the meal will be ruined. For me, it's onions. I love me some tofu, hate onions.

  2. Mmm! Tofu is so good! When properly used, of course. Like instead of ground beef with spaghetti. It is good to just sauté up some tofu & olive oil and spices, and use that instead. But I don't really like beef. Oh, and the tofu soft tacos from Moe's are delicious! I am probably not helping out your post, but yum yum!

  3. HA! I just scrolled up and saw my foot on your sidebar.


  4. GROSS!!!!!!!! It's not real!!!!!! :O that's my mouth hanging open in preparation to puke.. i'm sorry guys.. eww. it's WHITE. it's jiggly!!!! it's impostor meat!

  5. I agree though Shannon, I'd rather eat beans as my impostor meat than tofu.

  6. me too. gross. like, i don't get it.

    people are vegetarians because they're like: eww, meat! (sometimes)

    so they go to the store and buy imitation meat that tates just like regular meat.

    that's like being like EWW, human flesh! I don't want to be a cannibal, so i'll go get some human-flesh-tasting tofu instead.

    ok that was a disgusting, extreme comparison.

    .. but still..

    i don't get the purpose of tofu. except it's healthier.

    so... i don't get vegetarians who eat meat-flavored tofu. it will always be a mystery to me!!!

    (ps. i'm REALLY weird about tofu because i watched that gross foods show on the Travel Channel, and the guy went to Japan and had tofu that was sitting in this rotting stuff for years.. and they made him eat it.. and it was the only food EVER that he gagged on and had to spit out. this is the same man who's eaten every food EVERYWHERE. even the nastiest stuff you can imagine!! the day i saw that tofu sitting in that bin of rotting stuff (which was a delicacy in Japan) ... was the day I turned against tofu.

    wow that was a really long explanation of why i hate tofu. hahahahaha.

  7. I think that is the same guy that I watched eat bull testicles and chicken female parts.
    I don't care whether that is a 'delicacy' in Europe, that's nasty.

  8. AUSTIN LOVES TOFUUUU!!! gag me, please. But I will still try these little pieced of heaven. They look scrumptious.