Saturday, April 4, 2009

What would it be like...

What would it be like...

to be this free again?

No heartache.
Except maybe not getting to watch your favorite cartoon.
No sadness.
Except maybe when nap time rolls around.
No such thing as counting calories.
...because Oreos are just too yummy to matter.
No bills.
Just owing money during Monopoly.
No fear.
Except maybe the monster in the dark.
[a one-eyed, hairy, toothless monster, in C's case!]
No worries.
Except: What's For Lunch?
No regrets.
Except maybe we should have obeyed mommy.
No such thing as a broken heart.
Because everyone who loves you is right here.
And they will never leave.

Must be nice.
What was it like to be that free?


  1. how about i am so in love with this post.

  2. Christine, I had to read your comment three times and THEN leave for a while, return and read it again to understand that sentence. i mean, you didn't write it poorly or anything... my brain just stopped working momentarily!!! :D hehehehe.