Sunday, April 19, 2009

you asked for it...

You asked for it - so here they are! I finished our BMT graduation scrapbook today. (Hooray!!!) I still have some stuff to add to a few pages - such as journaling and adding some more titles and phrases.

See, perfect example. That little green box in the lower right hand corner is just waiting for me to write in! Plus I need to title this page Coin Ceremony. But... I'm kinda sorta out of big foam stickers! I'm on the fritz.

oh gosh. do you see the stick ons I have for the Alamo page? I love that little rope. Sooo cute!!

oooh love that little camo outfit!! those boots are to die for:

You don't even want to know how much money was invested in this scrapbook!!!!

Ha. Way too much. But it's sooo worth it.


  1. This is so stinkin' cute. You win the amazing wife award. :)

  2. It is so adorable! I used to scrapbook. A long, long time ago. I should probably start back up. Chris and I have tonnnnssss of pictures from our relationship.

    My mom is working on a scrapbook for us now, actually. Maybe I'll post pictures when she gets it finished!

  3. This turned out incredible! Great job!

  4. Brittney.. and Paige.. and Christine..

    in 2007 I started this idea of a Christmas scrapbook. Mark & I stand in front of our Christmas tree each year and take 1 picture. then I scrapbook 1 page for each year.. and so we will be able to see how we have changed each Christmas! And then when we have kids/pets, we'll add them in!! It will be really cool in 30 years or so :] When we're.. old.. :] Pretty neat idea!

  5. Wow, neat indeed! How fun! We may do something like that.:]

  6. PS That is something so cute to pass on to future generations!

  7. I know!! I bet my grandkids will think it's totally awesome. I mean, if we have grandDAUGHTERS. grandsons will just be like "cool.." *stash it in the closet & never look at it again*