Friday, April 24, 2009

auntie love

Today I came home from work and ate my Subway sandwich. In the middle of a bite, the doorbell rang. I jumped up and ran to the door! A man handed me these:

thanks, dear husband!!
my very favorite color!!! he knows me so well.'s hard to keep the romance alive when you're 870 miles apart.
but he seems to keep it goin strong!

today was the best weather we've had all year.
which calls for going outside for pictures. right?

these are for PM
(note that me & H are matching!!
wku shirts and plaid shorts.. we didn't even plan it!)

YAAAY! It's finally hot in Kentucky!
I thought this day would never come.


  1. You're so pretty!

    And it is darn cute that the two of you matched.:]

    And yay for the flowers! How sweet & special!

  2. Stop. Being. So. Freaking. Beautiful.

    and ps...LOVE those flowers. :)

    oh...and I love Hudson's face in the sun. Such a cutie pie