Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a baking no-bake story

Remember how I made my husband cookies yesterday? Well, my nephew wasn't taking a nap today. So my mom got the idea that we should make cookies.. since he was awake, and all. No-bake cookies are the best kind to make, in my opinion. Regular cookies take forever. You're stuck with a huge batch and you're constantly taking cookies out and scooping more on the tray. Over and over again. These little babies don't even need to be stuck in the oven! I've documented our journey, as usual. And I obviously missed putting the sugar and cocoa in. It didn't occur to me that this was blog-worthy until we had already begun. Sorry!

so today we begin with 1/2 a cup of milk.
we've used fat free milk for this recipe.

oh. right.
i must mention that my nephew is wearing a cape.
just in case you thought I tied something weird around his neck..

then we stir it together to get it ready for the stove!

and we take turns, of course.

and while it's heating up on the stove,
there is always time for pictures!

then we set the timer
and let it boil for 4 minutes

add the peanut butter
add the oats
add the vanilla

scoop them out on buttered parchment paper
and marvel at the beauty

take pictures while you let 'em cool

then enjoy!

see? easiest cookie in the universe. takes a total of 15 minutes. tops. probably even 10 if you've got it together! I think yesterday's batch came out better, but that's how it goes!

I hope you're having an absolutely wonderful day.

I had chicken rings & mashed potatoes for lunch, so I'm still kickin strong! Love yall!


  1. Hudson didn't get any cookies today!! He was asleep :] That's what he gets for nappin through cookie time!!!

  2. yummy. Do you need my address? :)

  3. Hahahaha. Christine, you're a hoot. Have I mentioned lately how you throw great for a girl?

  4. ooohhhhh, Shannon. You would!!!