Thursday, April 30, 2009

things I love Thursdays!

You didn't really think I'd leave for the JBQ tournament without first making a TILT (Things I Love Thursdays), didja?! Surely not.

Today I got to go on another field trip with the high school in which I am placed. The rest of the school is busy testing, so the seniors get to go have fun! We went and watched a movie and then went to eat at the mall.

So, today I choose Earth as my TILT.

It's just like Planet Earth! Only.. a movie! It was great. You know, minus the multiple babies that get eaten. But they don't actually show anyone dying. It's just assumed.

When a herd of tigers jump on a little elephant and get on top of him, clawing him like there's no tomorrow, he doesn't stand much of a chance! Sigh.

Oh, and they show the cutest little birds taking their very first flight! Totally adorable. Also, Earth has an amaaaazing score (the music)! I really think you should go see it. And don't wait for it to come out on dvd - go see it in theaters!! It's so much cooler on the big screen!

And now I'm off to pack for my trip. I'll be sure to keep yall updated on how we do!


  1. I really need to watch that. True story. Love you! Good luck today!

  2. I heard about this! How neat!

    I hope you have a good weekend! Can't wait for your updates!