Thursday, April 23, 2009

have ya ever...?

I don't have any good material for Things I Love Thursdays. Sorry. Instead, I'm going to start one (just for today!) called Have You Ever? I will hit on topics that you may or may not have experienced in your lifetime (hopefully not...). You can do one for your own blog, if ya want!

Have you ever...

eaten and felt immediately guilty? Today was a teacher's birthday at school. So we had a little "party," with food from Riley's Bakery. Mhmm. Yum. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich. Holy cow! I won't mention how that equals 10 points in Weight Watchers Land. Ack!!! That was just the surface. Then I ate a little bag of Sour Cream & Onion potato chips. Ack!!! Then the teacher ordered 3 dozen tea cookies - the little circles with the pastel icing on top...? Mhmm. I downed about 6 of them. Ack!!! ...then a piece of cake.... PLEASE! Don't stone me! I walked into the room knowing it was bad news bears. But I sat down and let it happen. Sheesh. Like, I will immediately gain weight. Don't believe me? I already did. I gain weight the day I eat something bad. No kidding. Oh well. Sigh. Subway for supper.

been bullied into eating something? for those of you who have ever been on a diet, I know you've experienced this. First and foremost, if I even utter the word, "diet," people get mad. MAD. I'm not exaggerating. Their first question is, "Why are you on a diet?!?!" ... well... beacuse maybe I want to be healthier..? So they become aware of you and your diet. Then the next day they have cookies, or some other fattening treat. They offer you one, like a good and kind citizen. You politely refuse - due to the diet and all. Then they get mad. "Oh come on!!!! One cookie won't hurt you!!! You and your stupid diet..." It's like they really cannot handle how you turn down a treat. Then you really feel like you have to eat their stupid cookie to make them be quiet. I honestly think it boils down to the fact that they don't want you to succeed. I was on a diet for.. ahem.. 9 months. I'm off of it now since I'm married (ha...), but I still try to eat healthy. Really! Except for today and the big disasterous lunch. Shh. The moral of this is: if you ever do go on a diet, just don't tell anyone. Please take my advice. Just tell your friends and coworkers that you are full or that you don't like that type of cookie. It will save you a ton of calories.

procrastinated til the very last minute? I love to procrastinate. Okay, truthfully - I hate it. If I have 3 hours to complete something, I will wait til the very laste minute, goshdarnit! For instance, I have a paper due tonight. I could go ahead and start working on it now - before my online date with PM and before I get tired. Nope! My body just won't let me do it. I would rather sit here and stare into space than actually do work. Is that normal? Really. I did not used to be this way. Somehow I've landed into this extremely easy major, which only requires about 20% of my brain activity. No joke. That only fuels the fire. Let's hope I can muster the strength to write that paper tonight...

been mistaken for a high schooler? oh my gosh. If I get mistaken for a high schooler ONE MORE TIME... I will lose it. I won't go into specifics, but I got accused of being a junior and needing to be present for CATS testing today. ahem. Really? Do I look 16? Lovely. Then the librarian asked me if I needed "help," .. no... ? The first day I was there, I sat at the teacher's lunch table - I got so many looks. They really thought I was a student and I was breaking all the rules. Really? I'm not wearing a skirt and a cute blouse with my hair done up nice and a fancy necklace for nothing!! I look around at the kids there - who are all wearing blue jeans and t-shirts. And I wonder: how am I mistakne for a high schooler? If I have to mutter the phrase, "Well, I'm just small." one more time... ahhhh!!! When I actually went there, people in public thought I was in college. Now that I'm GRADUATING COLLEGE, I am thought to be a junior in high school. Lovely. Just lovely.

been mauled by high schoolers? Like, I'll just straight up say it - I was not meant to teach high schoolers. Ever. I will never EVER apply for a high school position. I've discussed this before, I know. Today I was walking back to class. The bell had just rung. I'm sure you can remember the chaos. I was having to walk against the traffic flow. Ugh. Stinky. Well, some high school girls are huge - as in, tall. Like monstrous trees. They had absolutely NO intention of getting out of my way. Nope. Just the opposite. They mauled me over in the hallway. Ahem. They headed RIGHT for me, like I was a target!! I got really annoyed and did nothing. As usual. They pushed me really hard and I had to squeeze between two super-human girls that resembled giants (possibly descendents from Goliath, but I can't be sure!). I'm like.. seriously. I would never intentionally maul someone in a hallway. Sheesh. This type of thing does not happen in preschool or Kindergarten. Nope. Just the opposite - they see you coming and they run to give you love and hugs. That is how things should be. Don't you agree?


  1. I feel your pain-I'm mistaken for a high schooler all the time. Two years ago, I even had a customer think I was the bosses daughter "helping out." UGH!

  2. HA!! That's hilarious!!! It's so annoying. Like, what do I need - a kid on my hip? Then they would just think I was a teenage mom. Uggggh!!! Oh well. I'd rather look young than really old. :]

  3. Haha. I am SO with you on that. I like to have people guess my age. The average guess? "uhh...17 or 18?" Uhh, no.

    We were in Washington DC this summer, and my parents, Amy and I were about to do a bus tour, and the guy looked at me and amy and said, "So...2 adults and 2 kids?"



  4. LOL. I would've been like YEP!!! hey, it's a free discount! too bad for him that he can't tell you're in college! psh.