Monday, April 27, 2009

hard at work. and a little update!

I really never thought that this would be his job. Ever.
especially since he was a German & International Business major in college.

and how did I get paired with such a cool husband?

and, more importantly, how can i get a tan like this?

25 days to go! despite what that stinky countdown on my page says.
what does it know? i counted the days manually, and it's wrong.

that's 5x5.
by Friday, I'll be 3 weeks away from my big trip!

I forgot to tell yall...
It turns out that I picked the perfect weekend to visit --
Memorial Day weekend!

so, of course, they get off on Memorial Day. which means....
M's curfew on Friday is 10pm, so he can't spend the night with me Friday, butttt...
he can be with me exclusively from 6am Saturday until 8pm MONDAY.
that's like.. an entire weekend. uninterrupted. with NO check ins at his dorm.


I'll get to sleep in the same bed with M.
...woah.. what's that gonna be like?
(I can tell yall right now: I'll be waking up every 2 seconds when he turns or moves)



  1. i love you. I'm so excited for you that I can hardly stand it. Seriously. I'm so proud of PM. And of course, YOU!

  2. Does that chinstrap bother him? I don't know, it just looks uncomfortable to me. And wouldn't it be funny (or not?) if his tan was just on his face & neck & hands? Because he's got to wear that uniform to work? (I am only saying that because Chris - who is already tan from just the 2 days of sun because of his Indian heritage - tans so easily that he already has a farmer's tan.) Haaahaha!

    Yay for your trip coming up so soon, and for all the time you get to spend together & for the same bed! WOOHOO!!!

  3. I wondered about that chin strap too! I'll have to ask him tonight.

    those goggles would bug me! i hated wearing goggles in micro biology.

  4. Let me know what he says!

    And I have never had to wear goggles (that I can remember) so I wouldn't know. I don't know if I'd notice them because I wear glasses with lenses like a telescope. Ha.

  5. I am cracking up at the fact that he absolutely could NOT have a tan when he got back from his honeymoon, and yet now he's brown as a biscuit!! And I am so excited that you're going to have the whole weekend together!! And enjoy sleeping in the same bed :) It's corny, but when Jeff and I first got to be together after a deployment or seperation, I used to lay there and watch him sleep... I imagine you might be doing the same thing a time or two... how could you not?! They're so precious and you don't want to miss a moment!!
    Love you!!

  6. omg i know, becky! but if he even utters the word "nap," i'm like NO! NO NAPS!!!!! i haven't seen you in TWO MONTHS, and i'm not going to waste 1 minute!! you're staying awake!! haha. but, obviously i'll HAVE to let him sleep at night. otherwise i might just be a psycho, creepy wife..

    and brittney - i asked him about his strap, and he said it does bug him! and his hat hurts his head! drat.