Thursday, April 16, 2009

please tell me

please tell me why my eyes filled up with tears so fast & it took everything i had not to burst out crying when i saw this video

of stellan getting into the plane.

i love that little kid.
and i love how his mom wore the same outfit for 2 days in a row to be on camera.
and i love how they used her inappropriate words blog for a picture of, HA! what a hilarious choice. out of ALL the blogs she writes, that's the one they show..
and i love that stinkin cute family.

and i really love how his sock monkey has baby legs. could that be any cuter? the answer, my friends, is no.


  1. Your plug is so precious.:]

    I adore that stinkin' little family, too.

  2. Love. This. Post.

    That precious baby is such a fighter.