Monday, April 13, 2009

new plans:

Hey pals, guess what?
I'm definitely flying to Wichita Falls on May 22, 2009!
and coming back May 26th

Merry Christmas to US!

I've been emailing the lady who works at Sheppard Inn
and she booked my room for me & gave me the confirmation number..
and silly old me didn't even ask how much it would cost :|

.. really, price is the least of my worries.
There is no price too high to stop me from seeing my husband!

but for real
if you're a military wife, do ya know anything about airline discounts?
..I know there's a number I could call to get good military deals.
i'll have to find that number and give it a try!

I don't know if I told you, butttt...
the airport is actually ON base
so I'll be flying RIGHT into Sheppard. Woohoo!

okay. now I'm going to go sip Dr. Pepper and lay in bed.

[ps. the picture is from the WF Airport website :\ give me a break!]


  1. Weeeee!!!!!! I'm SO excited for you! :) Nothing like curb side service, eh?

  2. Why won't blogspot let me list your blog on mine? For some reason it doesn't recognize your address and put you at the bottom of my list of blogs. Help! KRISTEN :)

  3. Um, I don't know, Kristen!! Are you typing it: ?? :\ that really stinks :[

  4. if i'm thinking correctly, i think they go by the spouses rank. but i could be totally wrong about that. i'm sure you can look on a website or something to find out the prices. Grats on being able to visit!! (glad your flying cause when i visited jon i drove from ky all the way to tx BY MY SELF! talk about scary!!)