Thursday, April 16, 2009

things I love Thursdays

Overall, I would give today an A- .. that's a huge deal for me. As of late, most days don't rise above a C-. So here's what I love about today:

I love mustard on my fried potatoes. Normally people would grab the ketchup bottle. Not me. Well, I do love ketchup, but mustard is delicious. I'm not going to advocate one or the other, because ketchup does contain Lycopenes, which can prevent cancers (especially prostate cancer). But... mustard is still awesome.

I love fire drills. Today we had two - what a treat! The first one was at a horrible time. The bell went off as SOON as I walked into the cafeteria. Sigh. Plus, I walked outside and it was freeeeezing. No sun. I, along with one of my students, was kinda annoyed that we were missing our lunch period. But it was all good. The 2nd fire drill happened in the afternoon, so it was a tad warmer. Fire drills are a good excuse to get outside... since, you know, recess doesn't exist in high school (what is up with that?!)

I love take home tests. Today I got to take home a blank IEP! Now I get to create an Individualized Education Program from scratch from the comfort of my computer chair. Ahhh. Life is good. Sometimes. (for those of you who aren't sped majors.. okay.. all of you but Katrina: an IEP is like an 8pg document for any kid who receives sped services. it has goals, academic performance, general intelligence, accommodations.. etc. on it)

I freakin love school lunch. Hey Greenwood people! Guess what? I get to eat school lunch again! Guess what else? Nothing has changed. It's still remarkably delicious. There are like 7 lunch lines every single day at this school. Okay. I'll admit it: I've only ventured away from the chicken ring line ONCE since I've returned, but so what?! Those chicken rings and mashed potatoes are AWESOME. And they still have that orange sauce stuff (what is that?!?!). Only, now it costs me $2.50 since I'm an "adult," but in return I get a cup for sweet tea AND I get to sit at the teacher table. How cool am I?

I freakin hate the masks that the members of Slip Knot wear. Whoops - here I am, breaking the rules of my OWN blog game thing. Oh well. I'm the creater, so I have the liberty to do that. Anyway, my students tried to get me to listen to Slip Knot today. Then they were like, "Oooh, Mrs. Cox.. come look at their masks!" ... okay, I was shocked. They are the creepiest, scariest, most disgusting things I've ever seen. They all look like something from a nightmarish horror movie. I suggested that they wear puppy dog masks instead. They all laughed really hard and then they admitted that they would listen to a screamo band wearing puppy dog masks. Now, wouldn't that just be fun for the whole family? Who wouldn't love a screamo band in cute masks? Really, now.


I've gained, like, 4lbs in 1 day. How is that even possible? 1 pound is equal to 3500 calories, did you know that? You have to burn 3500 calories to lose exactly 1 pound. So, to gain 4 lbs, that equals 14,000. That's insane. Ha. Must be that candy from Paige and Christine.. bwhahahaha.


  1. I always loved chicken ring "things" and mashed potatoes...

  2. Aw, I kinda miss high school lunch. And the 7 lines we had to choose from as well! Ha. Oh, high school days. I don't really miss anything else, though.:]

  3. I second that, Brittney!! High school was horrible for me. I don't really remember much.. at all.. but still. That whole era from 7th-12th grade was a gross experience. But school lunch made up for it. mmmm.

  4. haha. And I know what an IEP is, and I was so excited when I understood teacher talk. Maybe Ima be ok after all. Just maybe.