Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Definitely Me Monday!

I do get to go pick up my cap & gown in one week. That is pretty exciting. I'm not really looking forward to putting on a black robe, similar to Harry Potter, as much as I am excited about having a diploma in my hand. That will be some schweeeeet relief, right there.

I do plan on going to visit hubby on May 21-ish to May 25-ish. The dates are still sketchy. I do plan on staying at Sheppard Inn. However, apparently you cannot make a reservation until the day before you arrive. That is craziness. I am a planner, okay? I never wait until the last minute often wait until the last minute, but NEVER on travel plans! That would be absurd. This will likely give me grayer hairs and drive me to the brink of insanity...

I do think Katrina and I did smashingly on our Battelle Developmental Inventory presentation. It ended up being about an hour long. It was great. I think. I hope my teacher feels the same way...

I do think I would rather go have a root canal than go to my placement tomorrow at the high school. I will say it again: High school is not my passion. Big kids are not my thing. I hate upper level courses... not because it's hard, but because it's boring. Crayons have no place in high school. Glue is rarely seen. There are no Halloween or Valentines Day parties. High school kids don't give you hugs. If they do, it's sexual harrassment. Little kids are just great. Check out my Eastery blogpost for proof.

I do enjoy eating candy every single day now that I have a huge stash (thanks to Christine & Paige!). Today's treat: Butterfingers!!

I do think it's completely awesome that Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their first little miracle. I will loudly cheer them on. Go Duggars!!!

I do spend about 4 hours on facebook each night. What? I should do something more productive with my life?! Naahhhh. Talking to AF wives and my real-life friends and my husband is all I need! Please don't judge me. It's a great thing.

Love yall. No, really. I do!

...well, those of you who show your faces, anyway...


  1. That is weird you not being able to make reservations at the inn in advanced. Maybe its because they fill up soo quickly that you may have to wait til the day before you get down there to see if there are any rooms available. Hmm interesting to say the least.

  2. P.S. crayons are just awesome!

  3. My friend Sujen called Sheppard Inn today and they said that during the rest of the year, you can make reservations 30 days ahead of time. It's just weird in the summer :[ drat!! That's really stinky. Also, you can only make reservations for 3 days. After that, you have to ask for an extension each day. Sigh.

  4. Those Duggars are all about having some kids. More power to them! :) And I think you will look so cute in your graduation gown. :) But I mean, let's be honest. When do you NOT look cute?

  5. You're totally right, Christine. I could NOT agree more.

  6. hey. I'm confused with this Not me Monday junk. Did that cancel out my compliment since I said "not"? Ok...let me clarify. You always look cute!

  7. I agree about our presentation Shannon. Glad it is over with!

  8. I show my face! All the time.:]