Saturday, April 11, 2009

together in a picture!

I have more good news.
As usual.

Today my mom bought a Logitech webcam.
With a built-in microphone.

Now M and I can have real dates.
Dates where he talks to me.
and I talk to him.
and we can see each other.
and giggle.
and be crazy love birds.

You know.
Ones like regular people military people are used to.

We're 870 miles apart.
and we're in the same picture.

Hallelujah. Happy Easter from the Cox's.


  1. yaaaaay Webcams!!! That's so exciting! :)

  2. I know. My parents stand behind me and talk to Mark, and only their legs are in the actual view of the camera.. so Mark's like, "Nice legs, dad!!!" and they don't get it.. LOL.. it's really cute..

  3. That is SO CUTE!!! I love that picture!! What an even better way to talk to each other!

  4. Aw, how fun! Praise the LORD for technology!