Friday, April 3, 2009

I have a heart

Today I have a heart for Trisomy 18. T18 is a chromosomal defect & occurs in 1 out of 3000 live births.

Half of the babies with T18 will be stillborn. If they survive, only 10% will make it to their first birthday.

These kiddos may have holes in their heart, a pocket of fluid in the brain, clenched hands, a small head & jaw, a strawberry-shaped head, low ears, & many developmental delays. T18 makes their bodies incompatible with life. Basically, their body is working against them.

Sometimes babies with Trisomy 18 can live a few months. Like this little baby boy:
Jacob Ryan Fahmer

And sometimes God performs miracles and allows kiddos with T18 to survive. Like this little girl, Mallorie.

Sometimes they survive for only a few hours, and then home to be with Jesus, like
Poppy Joy:

But sometimes God takes them back as soon as they get here, like little Mary Grace:
(by the way, Mary Grace will soon be a Big Sister - her mother is pregnant again!)

I encourage you to visit all three of these families' blogspots. They are each very encouraging. Have a heart for all children, including those with disabilities or birth defects. Each child is a creation of God, and each child deserves a chance at life. Pray for the families who have lost babies to T18, and pray for the families who will soon learn that the baby they are carrying has Trisomy 18.

Next week: I have a heart for Tourettes Syndrome.

edit: I didn't realize, but the links aren't showing up in a different color. Click on the baby's name to go to their parents' blog. Just run your little mouse over the name Jacob, Mallorie, or Mary Grace and click! :)


  1. This post is so sweet Shannon. I think it's great you are raising awareness of these disorders.

  2. thanks! that's what we special education teachers do!

  3. I LOVE this post. Love it. You are precious.

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  5. You are so sweet! This is one of the reasons why you're going to be so great at what you do.:]

  6. Thank you so much for what you are doing. As the mother who lost a baby to Trisomy 18 at 21 weeks gestation, I appreciate any and all awareness for this disorder. Kudos to you.