Saturday, April 4, 2009

he drives me craaazy

In a good way, of course! In a kind of make-my-heart-beat-super-fast-when-i-see-him-in-uniform-and-want-to-jump-his-bones-run-up-and-squeeze-him-and-I-feel-know-I'm-the-luckiest-girl-alive.

You know. He drives me crazy. In that way.

Pray that we will see each other this summer. A lot. My little heart needs him.

Please, God. Find a way to bring us together.
And please don't make it so expensive that it cleans out our savings account.

I love my dear, sweet husband. And I love how he is serving our country. Go PM!


  1. Aw, you're so cute!

    And that picture is really good! I want a camera like yours.:]

  2. love you. and fyi, i pray everyday for you.