Tuesday, April 14, 2009

wow. just wow.

Hello folks. I would like to show you a picture I found from a rental property found in Hampton, Virginia. You are looking at the kitchen.

I know.
I'm sure you're doubting me at this moment.
Like, surely this is a child's play area.
I'm really serious.
This is the kitchen.
The only kitchen.

It rents for $750 a month.

Excuse me while I puke. And then laugh hysterically.

Seriously? Seriously?? I would venture to guess that 1/10 of our kitchen supplies would fit in those teeny cabinets. That is a JOKE.

What? You think I should just buy a house? Yeah. People have told me that. The houses in Hampton are a minimum of $240,000. And that's for a cracker box. And they're old. VERY old. Those same houses would cost $80,000 in my hometown. Holy smokes. I have lived in a Kentucky bubble my whole life. I'm just not used to this.

Apparently people will pay for anything to live near the ocean.

As for M and I? I think we'll stick to an apartment. At least we'll have room. And cabinet space. And up-to-date appliances that actually work. And we'll have money to spare. Sheesh!


As you know, I'm going on a little vacation in 1 month to see Prince M. My room will cost $41.50 per night, but when I get there I can ask if there are any Officer's rooms. If so, they will let me stay there for $27 per night (since I'm not bringing a child). So now I'm on the lookout for my plane tickets.

I have this website full of military discounts. On it was the American Airlines phone number; the website ensured that they gave discounts. So I called. A human finally answered & I told her when I was going & where I was departing from. She did her little calculations & then said,

"That comes to $408. That's without tax."

Uh.. no.

Thanks but NO THANKS. I can get a round trip ticket for $337 on Expedia, Hot Wire, and EVERY other website. That's including tax too. Excuse me, but why would I call and OFFER to pay over $100 more?

"Yes. I would like to voluntarily pay $100 more on this ticket. Thank you SO much!" .. NOT.

Very weird

I think I'll stick to Expedia. Thanks!


  1. Wow, crazy! Do they not offer base housing where you're going? Or is that picture the base housing? I'm confused.:/

    And woah, I'd definitely stick with Expedia or something, too. Cheaper is always better!:]

  2. I *heard* that the base has a 2 year wait. Drat.

    But we found 2 apartments that are about $750 a month for 2 bedroom. And they're NEW. and really nice. and the kitchens have a bar and tons of storage room. Sooo there's no way I'm settling for an old, stinky cracker box!

  3. Wow, really?! Crazy! Are you going to check on the base thing, anyway?

    The apartments may be a better choice even if the base housing was immediately available. You know what I'm talking about. Plus, the AF should give you money for living expenses if you have to live off base.

    I can't wait to see your new home! I mean, I know it's months away, but I'm already excited! Yay for new apartments with lots of storage space!:]

  4. Yes, we'll be getting $1200 per month to live off base. Pretty sweet. That's a ton left over for utilities and stuff! We're still going to get on the waiting list for base housing.

  5. That's great! Definitely worth it, for sure!:]

    Well, it looks like no matter what you do or get, you'll be taken care of!

  6. If you want a really Nice apartment you'll have to pay. The average price is around $800 and then whatever is left for utilities. So you won't have THAT much left from BAH. Where as on base (if its privatized they just take it straight from his check) you won't have to worry about stuff like water, electricity, and they do the front yards themselves (ya know watering, mowing the lawn, making it look nice in general).

  7. Well, we WANT to live on base, but there's a ginormous waiting list. So the chances of us actually getting to live in base housing is slim to none. Two women who live at Langley told me there was a 2 year wait when they moved there. Sigh.

  8. weeeee!!! [ok, so not about the post] but i was reading the comments! and i'm excited that you will have loads of storage. :) can't wait to see pictures!