Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PM's pad.

Have you been curious as to where PM has been living for the past 2 weeks? Well, so have I! I asked him to send some pictures of his little room, so here they are!

His bed is on the left. That's his roommate on the right! He won't be able to personalize the room until Tuesday. Then he will hang pictures and posters of me everywhere decorate it how he chooses.

There you go!

Oh, and I'll give yall a college update! As of now, Old Dominion University is the top contender for my future college! It's the only one in the area that has Special Ed. Ridiculous. Ahem. Anyway. I cannot take sped (special ed) classes online. At all. I have to be in the classroom with real, live children! Teaching is hands on - you can't learn how to teach from a textbook! :] I say that because lots of people have told me to take online classes through WKU, but I can't. Unfortunately. I soooo wish I could! Boy, that would make things SO much easier. Plus, I still have to student teach!

Click HERE to see the program plan for ODU. Oddly enough, their Sped program only includes 9 sped classes. Very, very strange. It seems EXTREMELY easy. I won't go into huge details, but WKU requires 3 semesters of ONLY sped classes. Plus, I've had most of the classes on that list!! Everyone tells me that I will definitely be over qualified for ODU. WKU is one of the top education colleges in the nation. For real. Did you know? WKU has extreeeeemly high standards. So everything should definitely transfer. On the flip side, if you transfer TO WKU, hardly anything will count! They are very, very strict. The only problem I might have is gen ed - I never had any political science or geography. So, we shall see!

I won't be attending college in the fall (strange concept). After this semester, I'll have WKU fax my transcript to ODU and then we'll see where I stand! Actually, I don't really want to teach permanently in a school. I want to get my masters in either early childhood education OR vision impairement. Then I will be like SUPER valuable and I could name my price! Sounds good to me. I'd also like to travel between schools to teach kiddos. How fun would that be?

So that's what's going on.

Questions? Ask. I covet your advice. Please. Especially if you're one of those lurkers who never comments - if you know anything about colleges in the Virginia Beach area or whatever.. I need help!!

Thanks. and lots of love.


  1. Aw, his room is like a little dorm room! Okay, well, not little. More like a large dorm room that is better than most at WKU. Well, the ones I've seen/lived in anyway. How cute!

    And yay for ODU! I really hope everything works out.:]

  2. Yes. Massive room. I'm green. ahem.

    Aaand i have no words of wisdom for you. But I love you. I think that should count for something. yes?

  3. Just to remind yall - I'm quickly going insane. I need a pill or something.