Saturday, April 11, 2009

holy smokes.

I have the bestest friends.

and the sneakiest of friends, too!

Today I got a call from my lovely sister, Lauren. She's all, "Come over! You have a package.. or two.. waiting for you!"

and I scream, "From who!?!?" ... she refused to tell me, of course. So I speed over. I open the door.

And C hops over to me and says, "I got bunny ears from the Easter Hunt!!!!!"

Then I look over and see a gigantic bag. It's lime green. There are zillions of Easter-y colors of tissue paper popping out of it. I run over to it. I lug it to the living room. C stares at me and his eyes bug out like a skunk. Tissue paper flies everywhere. I open presents like a madwoman. I get so excited that I insist on C helping me unwrap them too. I get one opened:

it's a Spiderman kite. I look at C. His eyes get even bigger. He thinks for a minute and wonders if that kite is for ME or for him. I say, "Here's a present for you, buddy!!!!"

I look deeper. There's a ginormous bag of Baby Ruth's. Then some M&M's. Then some Butterfingers. And some Reeces! ... why, all of my favorite candies! I wonder who could have done this?

And then I remember: this week, my sneakest best friend, Christine, has been drilling me with questions. What's your favorite scent? What's your favorite lotion? What's your favorite candy? Does C like Spiderman or Buzz Lightyear better? How did you get to be so cool? (HA. Sorry, I swung into MckMama mode there for a sec...). How sly.

We continue opening presents like it's Christmas. And a birthday. And an anniversary. There are that many presents. We find sidewalk chalk. Magic Dough. Waterguns. Bubbles. An egg decorating kit. Glow sticks. Grow capsles. Popsicle makers. A whoopie cushion. A rocket launcher. Toy cars. A beautiful potted flower. And a little Create-Your-Own-Pine-Tree-Kit. Plus a gift card to Linzie's! Well, a homemade gift card. Hehe. [Hope I didn't leave anything out!]

C just stared at me. I really don't know what was going through his head. He never gets toys like this!! We opened up the cars so H could play with them. I insisted that we wait til tomorrow and have an Easter Party outside with all our new toys!!!!!!!

Then I open the cards inside. And I find out that this present was ALSO from my buddy, Paige!!!!

Oh my gosh. I'm just a little hugely overwhelmed. Really, I had no idea about any of this. You two are just the best friends EVER! Really, this made my week. I'm the luckiest girl alive!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super blessed. I really don't deserve this. I'll speak for myself since I'm certain that C will NOT be complaining about all of these fun new toys! So, on behalf of my little best friend, thank you!!

I really love both of you. It really stinks that all 3 of us weren't best friends at Natcher. And then Paige moved. And then Christine & I were in different sections of band. Drat!!! But, alas, the beautiful world of blogging has brought us together. I am sooo thankful!! I love sharing my life with you two, and I LOVE reading about what's going on in yours! You to are the best. And the sneakiest. Love.

Christine & Paige:

I love you both!


  1. Seriously-that divide of Moss/Drakes Creek really ruins a lot of things! :) I'm SO glad that you like everything, Christine did a great job asking all the sneaky questions!

    The homemade gift card is totally my fault. I went to get it last night after a late dinner, only to figure out that they close at 8pm!! Had to get creative ha ha!! One of these days, BEFORE you move-the three of us need to have a lunch or dinner date!! Hope you have lots and lots of fun pampering yourself and playing with those adorable boys!

  2. I love to eat!!!!! Especially Mexican or Japanese food. and I love hamburgers and fries too. Ha. Okay, any type of food is good with me... ahem... :D

  3. haha. I'm SO glad you were surprised. All the thanks actually goes to Lauren for going along with us! Seriously, Paige and I were like waiting all day for you to get the package. Haha. And NOW you know why I was asking you all those questions. (Not that I didn't care, but still...I had to know!) Haha. I just can't tell you how excited I am that all went according to plan!!! :) I love you tons!