Wednesday, April 1, 2009

forgot to mention something...

I forgot to tell all you animals some exciting news. In less than one week, I will know where PM and I will be stationed! We might know this Friday. As in.. 2 days from now.

I'll wait for you to stop jumping up and down and cheering.

... okay. Done now? Yay!

I'm including a map of the US - it shows all the Air Force bases. Of course, there are bases overseas. England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc... But I'm not including a world map.

So, just for fun, where do you think we'll end up!?! Specifics, please. If you are correct, you'll win some amazing, expensive, totally cool prize. I promise. Each person is allowed 3 guesses.

And if you're one of those creepy people who read my blog daily and refuse to comment, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO COME OUT OF YOUR HOLE! I promise I don't bite. Seriously. I would probably love to meet you. Unless you're some wacky man who wants to get me. But I doubt that's the base.

Happy guessing, folks!

Oh, maybe I should include my guesses. I'm going to be optimistic and put down the top 3 on my wish list:

Charleston AFB (South Carolina)
Patrick AFB (Florida)
Tyndall AFB (Florida)

oh. click on the picture to enlarge.


  1. I know NOTHING about this-but I'm going to go for

    Vandenburg AFB
    Charleston AFB
    Maxwell AFB

  2. waiting on Crusty's guess.. she "forgot" her guesses.. ahem.

  3. hahaha. I did "forget" because I clicked on the comment box and the map got all small. I full blame your blog. ahem.

    1)Beale AFB (ACC)
    (arg. I was gonna pick Charleston)
    2)Patrick AFB (AFSPC)
    3)Hickam AFB (PACAF)

    I like how I just used those big girl letters to speak in code, and I have no idea what I just said. But I want it to be sunshiney for you. So we will pray for these 3.

    (For 2 reasons)
    1....because you want it sunshiney, as do i.
    2....I MUST WINNNNNN :)

  4. Hmm. I'm going with your number 1 as well, Charleston. And...Seymour Johnson, or Maxwell.

    WAHOO! Can't wait to hear!


  5. Ok, so I'm going to take three totally random guesses...

    Pope, NC
    Hanscom, MA
    Buckley, CO

    Hope I win!!!

  6. If we get MA, I'm going to be concerned. because I don't think I pronounce that state name correctly. :\ how embarrassing...