Wednesday, April 29, 2009

can't believe I forgot to tell ya...

I forgot to tell yall...

I leave tomorrow afternoon to head to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Junior Bible Quiz State Tournament! It's a long drive up there. We won't actually be quizzing until Friday. But, because we begin quizzing at 9:30am, we have to leave a day in advance!

We have 12 rounds on Friday, so we will be done around 2:30 (woohoo!). Only 7 matches on Saturday (from 9-11). That's a total of 19 matches!

I am bringing my laptop so that I can (hopefully) still have dates with PM. The hotel website says they have wireless in every room... but whether or not it works is another story!

Oh, and I will definitely be giving you updates on how we're doing! I'm hoping really hard that we come out in the top 4 in the region - if so, we can pack our bags, because we'll be heading to Nationals!

If you're interested, 20 teams will be at regionals. That's 4 per state. Wanna know who's coming form Kentucky? Of course you do:

Trinity Assembly of God - Georgetown
Living Hope Baptist Church - BG
Lexington First Assembly - Lexington
New Hope Full Gospel Church - BG

If you're wondering where New Hope is... it's between here and Scottsville. They are really really good. All of these teams are really really good. Ahh! I'm nervous already!

(ps. this Swine Flu better end because I'm headed to Texas in 23 days, and the first death in the US has just been confirmed. Lovely. I'll be flying right into the flu.)


  1. Good luck with your kids! I know you will be great!

    And AMEN to the swine flue ending. We are leaving for Mexico in a month!!

  2. Yay! How fun! I mean, except for the swine flu & all.


  3. omg paige... I almost just asked why you were going to Mexico! lol! I can't wait to see your wedding and honeymoon pictures!!!

  4. How about I bet you're the cutest stinkin' coach everrrrr. I'm sure they love you.

    Boooooo swine flu.