Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PM makes contact on this Blog

Hello Everyone, this is PM the greatest hubby in the world according to shannie!!! I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who reads her blogs and gives her great moral support. I would also like to say that I SURVIVED USAF BMT. meh nothing hard about it other than the wingman concept, having to seriously take care of my wingman, because he got out of bed too slow, shaved his face/brushed his teeth, and got dressed slow. I would say making the hospital corners were the hardest part and that was only hard for at least a week.

concerning BMT as a whole, there was a lot of down time in the 8 1/2 weeks i was there. It was a good time getting together with my wingmen in flight b257 doing some crazy stuff BUTTSTROKE YAHHHH, KILL THE WHEATBREAD. emotionally speaking i would have to admit was really hard not being able to physically hear the voice of my one true love as much as i would have liked and to also feel the touch of her hands, as much as i could have. My relationship with God kept me strong through the thickest of times. never have i seen so many personal prayers be answered with such speed and quickness. God kept me out of harms ways more times than I can count.
Ok sorry i cant write much more but i need to head back to the dorm and get ready for bed, i have to get up at about 0345 to get ready for a CQ runner briefing at 0430 :(((


  1. Yay PM commented!!! I'm so so so glad to hear his side. (Not that it would be much different from what Queenzie said about him) Yaaaaay! This is so neat! :) ok, I know I'm a nerd.

  2. WOW! So cool to hear from Prince M!

  3. I know! He's like a celebrity around here! and yes, I did insist that he post on our blog. :]

  4. Prince M-if you are reading this-we are SO proud of you for everything you have accomplished so far and so thankful we have people like you serving our country. Just wanted to say thank you.