Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This morning was really dreary. and cold. and I did not want to get out of bed. Really. It took all of the willpower I had inside to not crawl back into bed and go to sleep.

But, like a responsible adult, I sucked it up and climbed out. Sigh.

I went into the living room and checked my email. The kids were running wild. Well, baby H can't really run, but I'm sure he would if he could. The little critter is sooo close to crawling. He'll get it one of these days. And when he does, I'll catch it on camera!

So there I was.. sitting on the couch. I looked at C. He looked back. I did not suddenly bust out in song and create a little medley to the tune of "I don't know what I've been told!"

and I did not sing this out loud to C:

I don't wanna go to school!
Homework makes me wanna drool.
Skip school.
Bring it on down.

..he did not repeat it after me. and we did not sing it together, and I did not cheer him on when he took over to become the lead soloist. I mean, really. I am a great aunt (the best there is, really), so I know that I must encourage my older nephew to love school. He has to create a love for school at a young age, right? So implanting these ideas that school sucks is really just.. wrong.

and it is especially wrong for an education major. I'm so glad that never happened.

Fast forward to this afternoon:

I decided to make M a little care package. Aww. I'm such a good wifey. Ahem. Anyway - we bought him a bunch of snacks for his dorm room. I also decided to make him cookies. You know, the no bake kind (chocolate, peanut butter, and oats with butter, cocoa, and vanilla). Then you scoop em out on parchment paper and let 'em dry. He loves those things. (really, doesn't everyone love those things??)

I strapped baby H in his little seat so he could watch me cook. Well, he was practically drooling over the cookies. Honestly. I think he even whispered, "Hey, gimme a cookie!" ... but I can't be positive.. so the cookies were drying nicely. I then did not encourage my mom to give H a cookie. She did not stick the cookie in his mout hand let him gum off a piece.

..chocolate did not go everywhere. He did not make a yucky face and then realize how yummy it was and he did not scarf it down like a champ!! Babies should probably not have chocolate. Or peanut butter. There is that 2-year old limit for giving kids peanut butter. Since I am a good aunt, I know these things. I know that baby food and breast milk is the only way to go for a baby. Okay, and maybe formula. Maybe.

Later on today (ahem.. boy, today apparently wasn't a good day for me..) I was in the floor with baby H. We were playing with toys and hammering the floor and having loads of fun. I did not look away for ONE SECOND to talk to C - and in that one second, baby H did not fall straight forward and land right on his noggin. He did not look up at me like, "What the heck? I thought you were holding me!!!! Thanks a lot, AUNT!" ... I, surely, would never drop my nephew on his soft, squishy head.

(thankfully, no tears came from this incident. honestly, he is used to being tugged around, sat on, bear-hugged, and wallered-on by 4-year olds... this pales in comparison)

In conclusion, I would just like to provide a friendly reminder that I am and always will be a spectacular aunt. I watch after my kiddos, provide safe fun, and cuddle them till their eyes pop out. Or until they tell me to stop it because they are too old for that kind of stuff.

... which C has told me numerous times. What? I didn't know there was an age limit on cuddling. Apparently there is. I must have missed the memo.

Seeya tomorrow, yall!


  1. Your Not Me's are always so fun! I especially like them when they have to do with your aunting skills.;]

  2. yeaaaah, my sister doesn't know about any of this yet :] let's not tell her.