Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what's up with my teef?

today i had a dentist appointment. also known as: the most miserable biannual appointment known to man.

i went to a new dentist today since my old one didn't fully accept tricare. turns out, i love my new dentist!! it wasn't even miserable. granted, it wasn't anything near fun, but it wasn't bad! at all!

...until the dentist lady said there was a "problem" with "#3" ... and that is when my near-fun ended. the real dentist came in and confirmed it: half of a previous filling had come out.

lovely. just lovely.

they took a picture with this super duper high-tech camera to show me exactly how much of my filling had come out. it's minuscule. really. hardly noticeable. but it must be filled again. sigh!

in other news, my gums are great and my teeth are beautiful. i just thought you should know.

now I get to spend the entire night working on an IEP*

*Individualized Education Program: the big chunk of paper work that kids with special needs/disabilities has that states their annual goals, accommodations, services they receive, etc.

is there any cooler way to spend a tuesday night? i think not.

kidding, of course.


  1. ugh. IEPs. Lovely. But hey, at least you have pretty teeth. And that filling deal will be over before you know it!

  2. Crusty - do you write IEPs?!!

  3. Who is your new dentist? We are on the hunt for one!

  4. tim whittaker and laura nell lawless.. it's on the same street as living hope. past the 3 way stop where bowling green high school is.. right there on the right. they're soooooooo nice!!!

  5. Whoo! Yay for new dentists who aren't scary! That really stinks that you have to get your filling...refilled. When is that taking place?

  6. I just found this blog through a friend's blog. Didn't know if you already knew about it or if you'd be interested, but I thought you might like to check it out!

  7. OH I have heard of them! My good friend Sarah is in the dental hygiene department and he helps out up there with advice and stuff to them and she just thinks he's the bees knees. I've heard great things about him all over, and he's super close to my office! I'm going to have to check him out!

  8. I had to write a couple for a class. I hate them. I'm not looking forward to having to do them when I get a big girl job.