Thursday, April 23, 2009

watch me grow!

When I was a baby, I liked to sit on mantles.

me and big sis got matching Easter bunnies
(that looks just like my sister and hudson.
only my sister is 7 in this picture)

I had straight hair for a few months of my life!

but not for long!
this is the face I make when I open my birthday present..
and find a red robot inside:
not cool.
I threw it in my closet and cried. I hated it.

and boy, muddy new shoes really puts a downer on a class field trip.
that's me in the middle! with my legs spread apart and my finger in my mouth.

mommy bought me baby dolls that looked just like me
who knew they sold dolls with fros!?
thanks, mom!

I liked to wear my WKU t-shirts to the beach and scoop up sand.

and then, when i got bigger,
i liked to play "putt the ball in the cup" with dad!
while wearing an entirely red sweat suit.

as you might recall (or not), i busted my chin open 4 times.
i hated those stitches.
which is why i strategically placed my puppy, Topper, in front of my face in this picture:
Clever, eh?

I was, uh, kinda weird:

and then I got to be kinda awkward...

ohhh, some things never change.

Special thanks to Christine for giving me this cool idea!

(this is Christine in Toronto, Canada!! What a cutie!)


  1. hahahaha. wow. that picture of me in Canada is ridonkulous for sure!

    and ps. I LOVED this post. waaaay better than mine was. pps. I love the one with your legs all up in your shirt. that cracked me up!