Friday, April 24, 2009

what I've been talking about

Here's the video I've been talking about to some of you.

How do you know you are saved?
Is it because you prayed a prayer one time in your life?
Is it because your preacher told you that you were saved?
Is it because you were baptized when you were 10?
How do you know?

This video is pretty shocking.
If you have an hour to spare, watch it! Or at least watch part of it.

If you don't have time, fast forward to about 10 minutes. It's a really great message.
I'll share my thoughts later!


  1. Yes! Paul Washer! This message is pretty powerful, and probably his most known. If you're interested in his preaching, his home church (the one Chris & I visited) have a page full of sermons by him, Jeff Noblit, and the other pastors at Grace Life.

    (PS Chris is going to blog - or comment? - about your question sometime today.)

  2. you visited his church? ... we are totally the same person.. that's very creepy, Brittney!! :O

  3. Yes! He's not head pastor, Jeff Noblit is, so when we went, that's who preached. But he does studies and teachings and everything. That's the church we were going to join if we moved to Alabama. Actually, that church is the entire reason why we wanted to move to Alabama. Remember when you had your personal shower and I didn't make it? We were on our way back from FL/GA and stopped there to go to church Sunday morning. It was incredible!

  4. neato!! :) i listened to that sermon twice. i get so bored at work so it's a great thing for me! is soooo cool!!!!

  5. Absolutely! Isn't it nice to have a job where you can do stuff like get fed the Word of God?! :]