Sunday, April 19, 2009

a short story.

Here is my airman:

He lives here:
[really? is that fair? i think not]

And on Sunday afternoons,
he does laundry:

sometimes he likes to be a deep thinker:

bust sometimes he likes to be goofy
to make me laugh:

..did I say sometimes?
I meant to say nearly always ...

here he is pretending to be armless:

and when he isn't being goofy..
he's busy flexing for me on his webcam:
[me likey]

34 days, folks!


  1. yippeeeee!!!! 34 days! :) And ps...I loved your short story. Loved it.

  2. I agree with Christine. 100 percent.

  3. why can't WE have good weather? 99.9% of days this year have been

    a) dreary
    b) cloudy
    c) misty
    d) rainy
    e) life-threatening thunderstorms
    f) just plan horrible
    g) cold

    I want sunshine like that!!


    It's really hard to get out of the bed for school and work when the weather is freezing and gross!! blah.