Thursday, April 2, 2009

me? loving a sport?

I never imagined that I, Shannon, would ever admit to loving a sport. Alas, that day has come. What sport am I referring to, you ask?! That would be hockey, my friends. Ice hockey.

During graduation weekend, we had the option to keep PM for 3 extra hours if we took him to a hockey game. Obviously, we took up that offer! And boy, was I glad. Not only did I get to spend extra ALONE time with my husband, BUT I got to see some pretty cool stuff!

I was wary of going to a hockey game, I'll admit. It's cold. It's a sport. And I didn't know the rules. Three yucky things in a row. What I didn't know, however, was that I would get to see some punching. And some pounding. And some serious fighting.

I'm GAME for that!

I shudder at fighting. PM was suspended in high school for fighting a kid. I'm so proud. Ha. I do like to watch Ultimate Fighting on Spike sometimes - but only because they can beat each other to death and get cauliflower ears and pass out. It's great entertainment. Ahem. I am admitting that freely since this is my blog. But in REAL life, I hate fighting. Seriously - talk it out!! But something snapped inside me when I saw those burly men in huge pads wailing at each other on the ice. I loved it. Every minute of it.

I oohed.
I ahhed.

I cheered the kids on who screamed, "YOU SUCCCCKK!!!" and wanted to run down there myself to beat on the plastic shield to encourage them to fight some more. If I had been on the front row, I would have gone ballistic! It was great. Seriously.

And guess what? I kind of followed the game! It was pretty entertaining. My favorite part was when two guys got in the center, ripped each others helmets off, and started pounding away! The referees just watched. It was fabulous. Oh, and I liked when Rampage scored & stuff too.


Okay, that sums up TILT* for the day.

*Things I Love Thursdays

To review:
I hate sports.
BUT I love hockey.
but only because there's fighting.
and the men have to go to time out.
and then return - only to fight some more.

It's fabulous. and I love it.

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