Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hello, all my fellow female bloggies! I have a little scenario I would like you to read and provide me with your answer. I know. I'll only get 2 blog replies from the only two brave women who will comment on my blog. Ahem. But if you're feeling super spunky, you can hit the "Comments" button at the end of my blog, hit Anonymous, and just sign your name. Or don't.


You've been separated from your husband for two months. You talk daily on the computer and the phone, but you haven't been together in person. You know you're going to see him in 27 days.

What's the one thing you're craving? As in... what do you miss most about your husband/boyfriend being gone? Go ahead. Be totally honest.

Sample answers include (but are NOT limited to...)
-having your best friend around
-physical intimacy


I had a revelation tonight. I might post what it was tomorrow afternoon. Maybe. Depending on what my husband says about it.

I'm 99% sure that no one will reply to this. Haha. Oh me. If you're totally scared, just do it anonymously... seriously!!!


  1. If I was in that scenario, I would miss having my main support system and protector there. I would also miss cuddling because that's always nice!

  2. Normally after a long separation (and believe me, what I've considered long in the past is no where near what you've endured)-the very first thing I want is a HUGE hug. That first initial hug after a separation is always the best feeling in the world!

  3. Intimacy! And his smell. I chose two things I'd crave. Is that against the rules?

  4. Haha, nope!! I'm just trying to see like.. what girls desire most in relationships. And I am going to post a blog about the differences between men and women.

    When you're separated for eternity, you learn really fast what each of you NEEDS in a relationship! it's been a really cool learning experience!

  5. I miss being able to sleep. Seriously. I don't sleep when he's not in the bed with me. I'll sleep on the couch for maybe 2 hours or something, but I won't sleep for 8 hours like I need.

  6. Umm, I'm not married. But I know a tad bit about long distance relationships. (Not nearly to the extent that you do) But yeah. I think it's the hugging, cuddling, etc. Countless times while I have been at school, Austin will say, "Lucy, when you get home, I'm going to give you a big hug, and kiss you when I see you." And I think that's just exactly what I need.

    ...though it will probably change when I get married. :)